Saturday, February 4, 2012

the time has come

and so one chapter ends and the other begins...

TuRNingtwentysomething was my very first blog and an experiment to get my creative juices going. Turns out, the experiment sparked all sorts of new ideas and passions. As I've snapped pictures, cooked, and typed my way through, I've been searching for my blogging voice and identity. Since the start of tuRNingtwentysomething less than a year ago, my focus has changed and I've decided to make a shift. 

As much as running and fun athletic goals are a part of my everyday life, what I want to share are my culinary triumphs and failures. Health will, of course, still be a priority in my life and my blog but in a much more food and drink-focused way.

So here it goes... a new blog, a new identity, and a completely new concept. 

Curious? PLEASE check out the new site! I've already linked my tuRNingtwentysomething recipes to my new site and I will leave tuRNing up, but I promise to be more dedicated and innovative with my new blog.

Here it goes... 

     the culinary art of one.

If you think I'm going to explain myself you are sorely mistaken! Head to Single Serving and find out from there! 

Catch ya on the flip side.

- Mariel

Friday, January 13, 2012

sweat it out

This post is long delayed, as the holiday simply took my focus with friends and family.  Lots of fun, but a ready to get back into the blogging (and healthy eating and running, which have fallen to the wayside).  I plan to get back into blogging in a serious way- cooking classes, food media classes, and a BRAND NEW CONCEPT are on the horizon. New concept = new blog, which I will launch next week so check back!

Before the new blog, however, I have some serious old business to go over! My first product review!

Sweaty Bands sent me headbands to try out- four sizes, four great patterns. I have been wearing these headbands since I got them a few weeks back, and I can honestly say they are the best. As you can see on my model, Buddha, these are probably the cutest headbands for everyday. And, though they may look delicate, they can stand up to serious sweat and activity (just hand wash and drip dry if they get a bit too salty).

 Sweaty Bands have replaced the Lululemon headbands I used to swear by, which I though were the most "slipless" until I wore Sweaty Bands. Lulu's were an improvement over other brands because I only had to adjust them a few times during a run and today my Lulu slipped off my head completely during my run without me even noticing.  Lulu headband lost, which only solidifies my new favorite. which I need to adjust approximately zero times, even on a six mile run. Amazing, especially for a girl with short, slippery hair.

The other advantage of these bad girl headbands is that they aren't too athletic looking, which means they function well on days when a ponytail is necessary. I often wear them to work as a nurse, which is another place where adjusting a headband is not ideal (aka gross), especially when providing patient care. Plus my patients and their parents often compliment the band, which is a good distractor from the fact that I am usually too lazy to do my hair.

I had one thin headband before Sweaty Bands sent me the new four, and I think the medium with is the most functional and versatile. The only Sweaty Band bummer? They are a bit pricey at $15 to $18 a pop. But for something you can wear so many places, and a product you know actually does what it says, it is worth it. (You can also roll the dice for less $$ with a grab bag mystery SB that has a minor defect or is discontinued). SBs make nice gifts and you can even order custom designs. Check out what seems like thousands of designs at

Sweat and get happy :)