Wednesday, September 14, 2011

do it yourself

It has been a busy few days post-triathlon, but the high from completing the race has still not quite worn off. I still feel really strong and proud, and I think it has translated to my enthusiasm and confidence in other areas of life too!

Monday was the start of Girls on the Run. It's my THIRD season coaching and I cannot believe it! Time flies. The girls this round are younger than the spring group. A lot of third graders and a few fifth graders- no fourth graders, which most of last season was. They are a fun and enthusiastic group. I like the third grade level because the girls really need guidance in the "how to run" department and they are eager to run with their young, fun coach (ahem, yes I am referring to myself).  Excited for the season and even with the move I am going to try to come home and coach as much as possible.

Work Monday was rough- heavy assignment, heavy limbs, sore muscles- but I made it through. Probably should have put off work another day after the triathlon since work as a nurse can mean a lot of time on my feet. Oh well, next tri I'll know!

Yesterday and today were a mix of moving prep and getting back into the workout groove. Started a LivingSocial deal at a local yoga place. It was $45 for a free month of hot yoga, $10 gift card, and $25 off a class package. AMAZING deal. I went to yoga yesterday and today and it's basically already paid for itself.  It felt great to SWEAT and to do something different from running- although I am  really itching to run. It's also nice to work out without the pressure of an event that I "should" be training for. No pressure, just a love yourself kinda workout.

Lunch was a nice healthy salad: mixed greens, fried egg, goat cheese, raspberries, cuke, peach, and some toasted garlic naan from TJ's (in the freezer section). I topped it with a vinaigrette of shallot, EVOO, and sherry vinegar.  The raspberry and peach combo was a little homage to summer before all the tasty summer fruits go out of season.

Today I spent some of the day packing clothes and cleaning out my closet. The rest of the time was spent on prepping my first major apartment purchase for paint! I bought a large buffet table to serve as my media  center/storage piece in my living room. It's from a consignment shop- beautiful, solid wood with some imperfections on the finish (scratches, water marks) for only $200. Can't do better even at Ikea. I'm till not sure what color I am going to paint (waiting for my bedding to arrive) and change the hardware, but I figured I should prep it while I had time:

the purchase

sanded down

I am feeling quite proud of my DIY work so far. I thought this process would take an hour- it took three but was still fun. Even if it doesn't turn out perfect, it will be cool to have out some love into my furniture. I even love the primer that's still caked on my hands. It's a badge of honor- though nowhere as cool as the permanent marker numbers from the triathlon that already washed off. I was very sad to see them go. :(

 For dinner I pulled together some tofu. I was inspired by the DELICIOUS spicy tofu with sesame seeds that Whole Foods sells and glanced at their ingredients when I was in the store the other day. Not really similar but still pretty tasty- and easy.

I just whisked together some soy sauce, sesame oil, scallions, garlic, red pepper flakes, cider vinegar, agave, and black pepper then allowed the pressed and cubed tofu to marinate in it for about an hour.

I sauteed the tofu (without the marinade juices) in a hot pan and some canola oil until crispy on the outside. Then I added in some carrots and sugar snap peas that were abandoned last week in my fridge along with the marinade juices.  I cooked everything together so that the veggies were warm but still crunchy. 

Watermelon and cantaloupe on the side, along with a Sam Adam's East-West Kolsch. Never had this beer before, and while not my favorite beer, it was definitely drinkable. 

 There's even more I want to share but this blog entry is so long. I will spare you. Oddly enough the start of the school year seems to have made me much more eager to do my blog "homework." I guess after being in school your whole life, the habit i shard to break even 17 months post college (insert tears here).

Jury duty in the AM- loaded some books onto my NOOK since I hear its a lot of waiting around.

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