Tuesday, October 25, 2011

c-ville charm

After a fun weekend at Hoya homecoming with lots of friends and drinks and socializing... it's off to "detox" in the Virginia mountains with Caroline. Such a fun day with beautiful weather and the best of company. The day in pictures...

Great Harvest for lunch! Tofu + lettuce + tomato + onion + pesto + mayo of amazing Dakota bread. Never knew I'd like tofu cold but this herby local from Twin Oaks was vegetarian goodness and perfect after a heavy-hitting weekend of food and drink.

Hills of Charlottesville...

... and beyond.

All from Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello, which was such a nice place to visit. Jefferson was in interesting character and while I appreciate all of his contributions to America, I am not sure I'd want to hang out with the guy. A bit hypocritical, a slaveholder, and poor business man racking up the debt? Pass. But his beautiful estate? Just right on a beautiful fall day. 

And for dinner... 

pizza with meatballs, jalapenos, wild mushrooms, and fontina cheese. Clearly I made my own. It was tasty but not quite the pizza I made last week! (OK the crust was better but I miss the caramelized onions and squash). 

I had a little time to kill by myself and finally put on my sneakers. The 3 1/4 miles was painful, as expected, but I was happy to get back into running. The best part of the run was that I got to explore somewhere new. The second best was that I got to use the iMapMyRun app on my new iPhone- this app is perfect for my wandering tendencies while running because I can finally keep track of distance AND give into my curiosities. 

Did I mention we also had Sweet Frog, self-serve fro yo? Twice. Not kidding. Whatever- it's a vacation week for me!

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