Monday, May 23, 2011


Today was a good day to sleep... maybe too good. I slept right through GOTR! Such a bummer, but I really did need it so I guess everything happens for a reason... luckily I always set my standard 5:00 work alarm for GOTR days, just in case.

Dinner tonight was a nice big salad. I've decided I am not a big fan of dry lentils. I loved them in the Lentils Puttanesca, but as a salad topper without a sauce, they are a bit dry and leave a chalky feeling on my teeth. Now I need to find something do to with all those cooked lentils in my fridge...

Instead of lentils, I threw some pieces of roasted sweet potato in. The organic sweet potatoes from TJ's were huge this week, so I only used half tonight. The other half will be for tomorrow. Is it just me or does this sweet potato have muscles???

I roasted some asparagus in the toaster oven as I heated up yesterday's balsamic tofu. Toaster ovens are my favorite appliances. So useful, especially when you are heating or cooking something for one person. Into the organic baby spinach salad went: 1 oz fresh mozzarella, local asparagus, cucumber, sweet potato, roasted red peppers (WF 365 brand), and organic cherry tomatoes. I ate the tofu separately rather than cutting it into pieces for the salad- it doesn't stand out enough when chopped into the salad. I dressed the salad with balsamic, EVOO, and Kosher salt.

Tonight's salad was better than last night's with the absence of chalky lentils and the addition of two of my favorite veggies (sweet potatoes and asparagus). I also had a Tassimo latte and banana with PB. Lots of color  for dinner on this gray day.

I also totally impulse bought today... I stopped to get gas right by Whole Foods so of course I had to go get more of those Honest Teas for $1 each. I bought six. Oops! It was a good deal though right?! Tonight's tea was Moroccan Mint Green Tea. I like how it leaves my mouth feeling and the slightly minty flavor, but there is a bit of a bitter after taste. Drinkable but not my favorite.

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