Sunday, October 2, 2011

go bold

So much to blog, so little time. As if I weren't already busy as can be with moving, I decided to go into Manhattan all weekend for a work party Friday and The New Yorker Festival yesterday. Great choice, but not as far as packing goes! I'm mostly packed and my DIY projects are nearly complete. Here's a sneak peak at the easier of the two projects: 

Dresser so borrowed from my oh-so-generous Aunt Jen- 

All it took to revamp this piece was a little Pledge and ten glass knobs from Anthropologie (this color was supposed to be full price at $8.50 but was mis-marked as clearance at $2.95... apparently if its marked wrong though the customer gets the lower price... WINNING).

Love this simple change! Total dresser cost:less than thirty bucks. Take that IKEA.

As for that buffet piece I showed in an earlier entry- it's painted and nearly ready for showing off. Just a bit more drying. The only update I'm giving now is that I picked one of the paint colors below...

Yep, it's red-orange. I matched it to pick up the bit of red-orange in my duvet cover. Go bold or go home. 

More to come on The New Yorker Festival and my moving adventures, but for now I'm off to work.

Lunch at work this week is one of convenience/laziness: either Amy's Organic frozen chili w/ cornbread or Amy's Organic frozen veggie lasagna. To freshen it up I also packed carrots, sweet mini bell peppers, an apple, and a Chobani went in alongside. With the busy weekend and the move on Thursday I just couldn't get together making something for lunch this week. 

Happy Sunday!

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