Monday, December 12, 2011

simple math

Not a lot of time to write, but this week's pre-work dinner didn't take long to make so it's a perfect match. 

Take Super Simple Pizza Dough + Basic Marinara + Fresh Mozzarella + Grated Parmesan to make a great pizza. Half of the dough recipe makes once pizza, and with 4 oz of mozz and 1 oz of finely grated parm you can eat 1/4 of the pizza for under 350 calories. Sweet!

1/2 for the freezer, 1/2 for diner

The dough was just about as easy as I remember, though I did use a little extra warm water and a bit more muscle to work in all of that flour. Overall, though, still the best dough recipe I've ever used. Just don't do as I do- I forgot the salt and it made a big difference. Salt = flavor.

Some rolled out, free-form dough action...

I have had mixed results using fresh mozzarella, but the trick to use this rich ingredient without making little lakes of mozzarella juice on the pie is to gently press the slices of cheese with some paper towels to remove excess liquid. Problem solved!

Layer your pie and bake at 500 degrees for about 10 -15 minutes on an oiled baking sheet or a pizza stone. The pan or stone should be heated with the oven. Crust will start to crisp and the cheese will bubble.

Served with a simple salad, you can have a dinner at 400 calories without sacrificing flavor or turning to fake ingredients- this has olive oil, fresh parm, and whole milk mozzarella- "full fat" doesn't mean its bad for you, it just means use wisely. 

Note: Both the pizza dough and marinara can be made in large batches and frozen. Defrost while you go to work, and you can have dinner when you get home even faster than ordering out! Making it for one? The toaster oven makes leftovers delicious.

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