Tuesday, November 22, 2011

happy feet

Had a great weekend full of activity which was just what my body needed after lot of weekends of "too much" fun.

Saturday, Jill, Norah, and I headed out to Brooklyn for the Rugged Maniac 5K. Nerves were getting the better of us so we chose to drink our free Harpoon ale before the race- great call.  Decked out in some compression wear and my Vibram KSOs, I was ready to dirty. We expected to get mud covered, but apparently mud wasn't an option due to cold I think? Any who after climbing over walls and police barricades, crawling through tunnels, running up and down hills, and plenty of other obstacles we hit FOUR trash dumpsters full of WATER! We scrambled up the side of the dumpster and into waist deep, frigid water. As we hit the water we had to swim under barricades, so not soaking your whole body was not an option. We proceeded to scramble in and out of the dumpsters using ladders, planks, or just our bodies. Once we all got out we ran to the finish (after climbing up a tower and jumping about 8 feet down) and crossed as a team. Such a fun race! Even though it was a bit brutal to defrost after.

Bruised, battered, and sore  Sunday was no rest for the weary- I headed to the final 5K for GOTR. I was so happy to go because I have really missed coaching nice moving into the city. The race was all GOTR and their families (up to 1300 runners expected!) and it was the first final 5K where the race wasn't linked with another community event. VERY cool. Lots of purple shirts and just a really great environment to run in. Crossed the finish line with one girl then I ran back to see if any of my other girls needed encouragement- and ended up crossing with two more. Such a great group of girls- everyone did their best and was as proud of themselves as I was of each of them.

Still working with that runners high I had all weekend and ran 5 yesterday followed by about 4 today in the cold, pouring rain. Happy feet syndrome has hit... now if I can keep it going til that 15K!

Have to head to work so I can't post a recipe as I'd hoped, but I'll post a picture to keep your appetite curious...

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