Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fake out

Totally enjoyed my day today, despite the iffy weather. I didn't do a whole lot except unpack, some laundry, organize my life, which all felt great. The best part of the day though was my 6 mile run that started my morning! It's funny how I'll sit there and torture myself trying to convince myself to get my sneakers on for a 3 mile run and then I hit 6 miles and want to do more. Note to self: reread this post on those torture days.

I fueled up for my run with two scrambled, 1 oz cheddar cheese, two 45 calorie TJ low carb tortillas, and an orange.  I made little egg wraps and topped them with Cholula hot sauce. Such a tasty breakfast with lots of energy to boot. Only concern: I ate them at 8:45 and had to meet my friend from work at 9:10 to run. Probably should have moved my lazy self out of bed a bit faster to cook.

Lisa, who is also running the 15K in December, showed me around some of the trails in Central Park. Not sure I payed close enough attention, but I'm willing to give it a go on my own now. The run was hard but it was a cool, drizzly day and a good running temperature. Running 6 with company is always better than running it alone and the time flew by. I even had enough energy to end the run with some lunges. 

Post-run I knew I needed to recharge so that I could use my day and let my muscles recover. Chocolate milk and a Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin (recipe to come tomorrow!) topped with TJ's Honey Apple Butter hit the spot with protein and carbs.

Just ate a healthy and filling vegetarian dinner- Spaghetti Squash with some Quick Chick Pea Sauce.
I cooked the spaghetti squash the other day. It was the biggest squash ever and made three dinner sized portions.  If you are new to spaghetti squash, it's a great low-calorie dinner and tastes great topped with any tomato sauce, pesto, or bolognese you like over regular pasta. Now, I'm not saying it will replace pasta, but if you are a sauce person this is a great alternative. 

For the spaghetti squash: 

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
2) Slice in half. Rub each side with olive oil. 
3) Place on baking sheet, cute side down. 
4) Bake for 40 minutes or until fork tender all the way through. To speed this up, pop whole squash in microwave for 6 minutes before slicing. I am lacking a microwave so I went old school.
5) Cool slightly and scrape out the inside- it naturally pulls right into spaghetti shape!

Serve like pasta, in this case I made my Quick Chick Pea Sauce and added some capers.



I was going to make a salad alongside this diner, but instead went for some sweet potato fries. Gotta love sweet potato fries. Now, off to work for me- last night for the week. Glad to be back to regular life. 

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