Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Wow the summer really takes a lot away from blogging. While it only means I am outside and away doing things, it also seems to mean that my eating habits have slacked from my more regimented, less vacation-y spring. Which is why I've decided that blogging actually makes me accountable for what I put in my mouth. Hence, why this morning I decided I am going to try to get a bit more back into this blog thing and cut back on those less than nutritious things that have been derailing me this summer...

Breakfast today: sandwich thin with 1 egg + 1 egg white, 1/2 an avocado, TJ's red pepper + eggplant spread, and a big leaf of basil. Cherries on the side.

Protein? Check. Veg? Check. Carb? Check. Fruit? Check. Tasty? Check.

As for work this week, I made a big pasta salad with veggies for my four night week. I've been craving pasta salad and figured it was something that could hold up for a few days.

Italian Veggie Pasta Salad

2 1/4 cup dry Barilla Plus rotini
1 small zucchini 
1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes (not oil packed)
1 red pepper 
1 can red kidney beans (rinsed) 
1/2 red onion 
1 English cucumber 
12 mini mozzarella balls
1//2 cup balsamic vinegar 
1/4 cup EVOO 
garlic powder 
salt+ pepper 

Cook pasta according to package. Allow to cool. Chop all veggies and basil (mince onion finely). Chop basil.  Cut mozzarella balls in halves or quarters according to preference. Whisk together vinegar and oil. Toss all ingredients together with vinegar and oil. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. 

This is an easy, make ahead lunch that holds up for a few days. I especially like the raw bite and flavor of the raw zucchini  and the creaminess of the red beans. Since this is a complete meal in itself I only packed an organic peach as a side dish. For breakfast/snack at work I also packed a Fage yogurt and Larabar. I am obsessed with Larabars- the best flavors I've tried are the Blueberry Muffin and Key Lime Pie. I love that they are an on-the-go alternative to granola bars that don't have any grains. 

Now I am off to clean my room some and attempt to swim, bike, and run before work. A bit overly ambitious but I worked until 11 yesterday, slept til 5, ran errands, and then opted to head to dinner at Panera with my family over working out.  Sooo workout definitely necessary. Off to motivate myself...

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  1. Your breakfast picture is so artsy!!

    xoxo Margaret