Monday, August 22, 2011

ain't no steak

So just as I should be really getting into being ready for the tri, I am totally losing steam. I can't stand having a schedule to stick to because life never seems to go along with the plan... brick workouts seem to be scheduled on the busiest days, swims on days when it thunders. That being said, I really haven't stuck to the plan. At all. Personality wise a training schedule is just not compatible with my workout style which is to work out according to my mood. I tend to run further, strength train harder, swim longer, ETC.

That being said, I have been pretty lax on  the plan, although I have gotten over my disdain for the bike and convinced myself to just stick with it for the next few weeks. In the past 4 days, I've biked twice for more than 40 minutes- on Friday I biked as hard as I could to outpace a wicked thunderstorm. I've also forced myself to run after biking in order to train my legs for the transition, and its been going better than expected. Luckily my foot, which was killing me all week, finally felt better on my run today. Hopefully that continues. As for swimming? Let's not go there, because I sure haven't. Yipes.

I've had some fun weekends this summer and somehow worked exercise into most days of those weekends, but the puffy feeling is getting to me so I'm working on more veg, less carb this week. For dinner: tofu steaks (again, not sure why the heck these are called steaks in the recipe), sweet potato "fries", and roasted eggplant & yellow squash (marinated in the same mustard sauce as the tofu)...

and of course, kale chips. This time with garlic powder, Sam's Salt ( a seasoned salt from Nantucket- the best), and cayenne.

I love my condiments, so of course there was ketchup involved for the fries and chips. For the tofu, I bought TJ's Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce which is delicious on the tofu steaks. It's 10 calories per tsp which means its a great condiment as long as you don't use too much; use as more of a spread than a dipping sauce to keep the calories in check. I made everything yesterday except the kale chips and just heated everything in the same oven as the kale cooked.  Perfect timing wise.

Highly recommend this dinner- especially the tofu. Just as great as last time.

Off to pop an Advil since I ran 5 and biked just shy of 10 before my nap today, then it's off to work. Spread the tofu love.

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