Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the atlanta suprise!!!

Just because it took me a few days to write about it doesn't mean I didn't have an AWESOME time in Atlanta!!!

I had to keep my plans over the weekend vague on the blog because I planned a last minute trip to Atlanta to see Margaret with the added bonus of surprising Caroline, who was also visiting. She had no idea I was even contemplating a visit so it was a complete surprise. This is the first surprise for a friend I've ever attempted or pulled off and it was so much fun. :)

Margaret and I were pee-in-our-pants anxious going to the airport- you would have thought we were CIA operatives or something. We spotted Caroline first and I got out as we pulled up and walked toward her. Her response was a scream (as expected), dropping of the luggage, and laughter. The three of us were hugging and laughing hysterically. I think the people watching loved it... or thought we were freaks. Ah-mazing.

The weekend was a blast. Friday was dinner in Decatur and catching up over some handcrafted cocktails at Leon's Full Service. Saturday we headed to the small Catholic school that Margaret teaches at for their festival. It was nice to see her classroom and meet her students. We all talked about how its nice to be able to actually see where college friends live and work now, since we went from being in each others lives every day to only having the phone.

After the festival, it was off to lunch at Farm Burger, a home tour in Druid Hills. I'm pretty sure we brought the average age on the tour down significantly... which is about right because we are three old souls. We saw a bunch of really cute houses, and fell in love with an attic converted to an unbelievable bedroom/playroom for four girls. We wanted to take pictures but it was against the rules. :(

At the school festival... can you tell it was a BEAUTIFUL day?

After the home tour we got drinks outside and just enjoyed the nice weather and being together. Loved the Sweetwater 420 , an Extra Pale Ale local to Atlanta. What's an Extra Pale Ale? No idea, but its even more delicious than a usual IPA! Looks like next visit we may have to take a brewery tour. The neighborhood was young and had a cool, relaxed vibe. Then it was off to a pizza dinner at Antico. No formal exercise for the day, but we walked quite a bit for the house tour. Sometimes I forget that activities like that can have an impact!

Sunday was filled with shopping, Murphy's brunch, church, and a trip to the Dekalb Farmer's Market, which is an international food market in Atlanta. This place was AWESOME. As Caroline put it, it's a Costco for healthy and organic foods. Basically, the market had every spice, fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, etc you could imagine plus thousands more. There were so many bizarre ingredients that I wanted to post but unfortunately there were no pictures allowed in there either! We bought quite a feast of ingredients to make a "family dinner" like we would at school. More on that meal to follow...

Before cooking, Caroline and I took a nice walk of about five miles. Made me miss our "mom walks" from G-town days. We talked nursing talk while Margaret did her lesson plans. Then we picked up Marge for another mile or two. Lots of walking this weekend which was a nice change of pace (ha-ha) from the sweatier forms of exercise I usually choose. Amen for the amazing weather!

The weekend was, of course, packed with lots of delicious food and drink but I think that will be a separate post. Flew in Monday morning and worked Mon/Tues/Wed night which means I am a bit sleep deprived, but I'd sacrifice sleep for a weekend lie that any time! More posts on the lovely weekend to come...

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  1. Let's go back! More world market and mom walks please!!