Saturday, July 9, 2011

weekend work

Sometimes only one day off seems like not nearly enough between night shifts, but it worked out OK this weekend, probably because I made the most of it. 

The weather was nasty last night, so I was completely unmotivated to workout. I decided to fuel up with kale chips (not a fail this time!) and romaine lettuce wraps with Sundried Tomato-Walnut Pesto.

Then I prepped some summer squash, zucchini, and tofu in a Asian-style marinade of soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes.

I cooked everything in a hot oven- 425 degrees- and the results tasted similar to hibachi veggies.

After cooking I knew I couldn't put off exercise any longer. I turned on the Next Food Network Star and hit the treadmill due to a stormy day. .1 miles in I was feeling claustrophobic and miserable. OS, I got off, looked out into the rain and decided to risk it despite the threat of thunder...

... 6 miles and 1 hour later I jogged back into my driveway. Not exactly sure where all that motivation came, but I had a blast. Once I started and my asthma decided to stop acting up, the run was amazing. I took my time and just enjoyed the cool, spring-like weather. As a forever fat-kid (more on that at another time) picking up and running a long, hilly, spontaneous run ALWAYS feels like such a proud achievement. Love it.

Dinner was quick. More gazpacho, this time topped with avocado and a squeeze of lime. The lime transformed the flavors of this dish! It was so different- who would have thought such a simple change could transform a dish?

Made it out for some drinks with Colleen and Kerrin which made for a fun one night off. I slept until 11 am today! Not much time to enjoy the beautiful day before nap time. Breakfast was 3 pieces of bacon (for 70 calories total I had to go for it), 1 egg + 1 white, and ketchup on whole wheat toast with an organic peach.

Then it was a quick strength workout in my Vibram FiveFingers. I have been neglecting my barefooters so I did some strength in them. So much harder to balance than with sneakers! Also, my strength training is pretty lame when I do it on my own at home. Anyone want to train me? Pleaseeee?

Headed to the pool after for a nice workout, which I will post at another time since I have to run to work.  I ended up doing probably about 3/4 of a mile total. So happy I made it to the pool to enjoy at least a little bit of the amazing day. Working the weekend stinks so much more when its nice out.

Finally got that frozen yogurt/ ice cream fix today. Unfortunately I got a vanilla/chocolate frozen yogurt twist and took a bite only to realize it must have been sugar-free. NOT the fix I wanted. I wish the machine had been labeled as sugar-free because its NOT tasty and I would have gone soft serve ice cream instead. Blegh on artificial sweetener. At least the rainbow sprinkles were tasty.

Just had some romaine lettuce wraps with Sundried Tomato-Walnut Pesto, tofu, zucchini, and summer squash and cukes on the side. May have a bit of gazpacho on my way out the door even though that's what lunch is at work. Mmmm. 

For all of you not working this weekend.... you stink.

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