Tuesday, July 5, 2011

disappearing act

Totally abandoned the blog without a trace. I meant to post on Friday before work but ran short on time and on Saturday Annie and I headed to DC right after I got home from work. It was so nice to head to DC and see Meaghan for the 4th. :) To recap (without pictures because I forgot my camera at home):

Saturday: Annie drove my car and I chatted in a zombie-like state the whole way down. I thought I was going to sleep but that was a fail, so I slept once at Meaghan's. Despite waking up a few hours later to pick on leftovers for my dinner, it was not quite enough sleep to support a night out at the bars. I did my best as we met up with new friends, but alas 3 1/2 hours of sleep in 32 hours is just not enough. Who'd have thought?

Sunday: Nursed to health by a shower and some bacon, eggs, and bagels. Ouch. We headed to a friend's house for a pool party/BBQ- which was thundered on as we reached the pool. Still fun though- just inside fun! Ate lots and lots of American food buffalo chicken dip, burgers, pasta salad... so full. Stuck to 5 hour energy for the night (my first time trying it- will not make it a habit because I'm sketched out about the ingredients but it totally did the trick this time). We all headed to a bar and I met up with Matt which was awesome since it'd been close since a year since we got to see each other. Always have to see AT LEAST one Hoya when I'm in DC.

Monday: Finally caught up on sleep and got a filling pizza lunch before heading down to the National Mall for a day of card games, blanket laying, country music, and stealthy Gin + Tonic/Arnold Palmers. I bought Q Tonic which I'd wanted to try. This is a "designer" tonic of sorts- the biggest difference being that it is only 24 calories a serving and definitely not sweet. It took some getting used to, but with a squeeze of lemon (forgot the limes) it really grew on me- acquired bitterness, not for the rookie G+T drinker. Such a fun day just hanging out with friends and enjoying lots of people watching in the nation's capital. The day finished with watching fireworks at the Washington Monument. So cool!

Lots of unhealthy and decidedly American foods were consumed, and the visit was purely social AKA no tri-training or other activity occurred. At least 3/4 of the triathaloners were being inactive together!

I got home this morning and after much bumming around I made it to the pool only to find it CLOSED for a swim meet. Plan B ended up being a 5 1/3 mile run with lots of uphill. A good enough trade for me.

A Whole Foods trip ended in a $50 bill for the week with lots of (mostly organic) produce in the bag. Tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, mango, lettuce, kale, avocados, peaches, honeydew melon, onions, and garlic. Not to mention a few bulk items and some other necessities. Another week of getting back on track. Summer seems to be a lot of on and off track- but it's all worth it. Cooking now- recipes tomorrow!

P.S. I made a Twitter today to allow for some updating on the go. I have a super lame phone so all tweeting is done via text but it's a start. Improvements will come over time, but my techie brother insists that I wait for the next iPhone to come out before hitting the smart phone market. 

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