Wednesday, July 13, 2011

honeydew it

Somehow woke up at 9 this morning after turning my alarm thirty minutes prior- which meant I had just enough time to make two pieces of rye toast and a fried egg + white before flying out the door to kickboxing at 9:30. Its been a long while (since before vacation) since I'd been to kickboxing and I felt it. Nicole worked us hard- we did almost everything except the punches while holding weights. I was still half asleep so the class was a struggle but I pushed myself and felt like jello by the end. You know how I keep saying I need to strength train? Well. I do.

Just got home and made a smoothie to cool down and replenish for either either a run, bike, or swim after blogging. Probably run because its actually pretty cloudy and my legs are itching for a run.  Actually mixed up the smoothie today- less of a meal and more of a snack. So refreshing- here's the recipe.

Honeydew Smoothie 
for 1

1/4 small honeydew melon
1/2 cup plain lowfat yogurt
drizzle agave 
1 orange, peeled 
1/2 cup frozen mango chunks 
handful ice cubes

Throw everything in a blender... or a food processor if your blender is busted like mine is... and blend away. Mint would probably taste great blended in too. If you don't like ice, freeze the honeydew before you make the smoothie.

This smoothie was so good that I think the rest of the melon is going to be cut into chunks and frozen. I may even have another one with dinner. 

I need to pack lunch for the next two work nights. I made a burrito-bowl, vegetarian style. The "meat" component is TJ's Soy Chorizo. I don't like to eat a lot of processed soy products since there is a lot of research that shows they work like synthetic estrogens (scary), but a little here and there is OK and this gets sausage gets good reviews. 

This was a really easy recipe, mostly just cooking ingredients and not much skill required. First I cooked 1/2 cup dry brown basmati rice according to package and prepared 1/2 cup dry black beans. While those cooked, I threw onions and EVOO in a pan. Once the onions were translucent, I crumbled 2 servings worth of the soy chorizo into the pan. After that I added chopped tomatoes, chopped zucchini, and frozen corn. I sprinkled salt, pepper, and garlic powder into the mixture and tossed int he beans and rice one ready. The result...

I thought this would made tow servings but it actually made more like three. I'll throw in 1/2 a chopped avocado at work and serve Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) on the side.

Additional lunch box items: Diet Coke, Fage Greek yogurt + blueberry acai, organic red grapes, organic raspberries, and a 1 oz chunk of cheddar. May add some TJ's salt+ pepper rice crisps for a snack too because reading I think I will still be hungry.

Off to pack lunches and do some component of the tri. Then its nap, dinner, and work. Have a great hump day!

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  1. This post made me miss you so much!!