Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So I've been MIA the past few days... but only because I am a busy girl and life > blogging.

I shall catch you up with pictures...

After work Monday morning I shopped for some goodies to get me through the week ahead...

I think a mouse got to my cheese on the way back...
or possibly I was starving after work... 

menu: salads, gazpacho, and smoothies galore!

portion control: cut an 8 oz block of cheese into
8 pieces immediately upon return home

lunch yesterday
See any similarities between my lunch on Monday and breakfast today? Hey- when it works, it works.

breakfast today

Yesterday was our last GOTR before the big 5K!!! SO excited for Saturday, These girls are going to rock it!

team stroll mid-run... get moving!!!

The best part of Monday's practice is that I showed up as the girls were getting started on the community project. I wasn't at our last meeting and the girls picked to write cards to my pediatric patients at work. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?! So cute!!! I was impressed and nearly teared up. They thought of it on their own and were hard at work. Some of my favorites...

(this is why I love working with kids)

How great are these girls???

As for today, I took full advantage and got out in the nearly ninety degree heat by heading down to Sandy Hook.  It was HOT but breezy on the beach and the water was cold. Yay for beach days! Quick shore driving is a major plus of having random days off as a nurse.

We almost missed this sign...

... which would have been awkward once we hit the beach. Call me a prude but I turned around and headed to a different beach entrance! FYI... choose North beach over Gunnison if you like your bathing suit ON. 

Sandy Hook happens to be where the triathalon will be so I kept thinking about what the route could possibly be. Nice and flat but no shade cover which could be devastating! 

running route? biking route? both?

I made it would for about a 5K after GOTR yesterday and another 3.5 tonight. Have to stay in running shape if I want to keep up with my GOTR running partner in a few days...

Kickboxing in the morning and some hanging out, hopefully in the nice weather, before work.

Summer is finally here!


Had some of this beer tonight. Looked it up on Goggle and there is apparently NO relation to the band Wilco. Even though the band's most popular CD is called Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

Fishy? I think so...

Wilco is awesome though so listen to them- the beer is pretty good too so drink and listen :)

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