Sunday, June 12, 2011

a nice little saturday

I just don't know how daily bloggers do this! Its hard to squeeze in a post every day but I do my best- yesterday was just too busy and too much fun to write...

The morning started out with the GOTR 5K at 9 am! The race had over 600 people. It was open to the public but ended up being mostly Girls on the Run and their families/friends.  I stayed out until after 1 am the night before and had to be up at seven... bad move. 

I fueled up with 1/2 a bagel and a smoothie (yogurt, banana, mango, pineapple) and headed out into the rainy day (don't mind the picture.. I had the same smoothie Friday and it was sunny then!).

Every girl needs to run with someone over 18, and only coaches are allowed to take more than one girl for the race. We try not to double up so that each girl can run her own race. I ran with Lindsay, 4th grader, who happens to be a pretty good runner with a very competitive personality. Hmm... 5 hours of sleep + late breakfast + competitive runner = SCARY.  I asked Lindsay her goal for the race and she said she just wanted to beat the 31:00 5K she did during our practice 5K. Ah, much better than I expected. 

We hit the race surrounded by our team and their families- the girls were all acting so funny and goofy until we lined up. Then it was nerves all around. 

Lindsay and I started off toward the front and hit a nice pace right off. I let her lead- her race, not mine. We hit Mile 1 at just under 8:30 and Mile 2 at 17:30 or so. I was impressed with our pace and feeling great!

Then out of nowhere by late breakfast was ready to take some revenge. I sent Lindsay ahead and did all I could not to lose my breakfast. Gross I know- but luckily I was successful. Lindsay hit a hill not far after I stopped which allowed me to catch up. There was no way I was going to slow her down nor would I not finish with her! The end was brutal but we came in at 27:29- with her a stride ahead, as it should be. 

Turns out my running buddy pushed me harder than I expected! We were fourth to come in on our team and 84th overall. Haha turns out I was actually 2nd of females age 20-29. Not sure how many women were running in my age group but I will take it!

One girl from or team came in around 25:00 (3rd place for 11-14 year olds... and she was only 11!) and two others came in at 26:00 (holding hands- love them). We have some IMPRESSIVE runners, especially for their age and inexperience.

 A lot of girls came in around 35:00 and all finished in under 45:00! SO PROUD. The girls were so proud and everyone did better than they did in our practice. The girls were so impressed that their medals were "real metal" and not plastic. Cute. 

I didn't bring my camera due to the weather, but here's a picture from our practice 5K. Think they look proud here? Magnify that by 100 yesterday!

Unfortunately, my race meant missing Colin's confirmation, so I headed home after the race and set up for the party while Mass was finishing. Enjoyed lots of tasty party foods. Tried to limit my portions but inevitably felt a food coma coming on after... sliders, pulled pork, caprese salad, rice salad, broccoli salad, and potato skins... how could I  NOT eat too much. Hey- that's what a party is, right?

After everyone headed out, we said goodbye to Patrick as he headed to Ecuador for 2 weeks on a service trip through his school. Made me think of my time building houses in Belize and I got so nostalgic!

Family pics to commemorate Colin's confirmation and Pat's departure...

I noticed yesterday that my mint and basil are growing like CRAZY so I attempted to make my own version of one of my favorite drinks- the Whiskey Smash.

Whiskey Smash

2 oz whiskey ( I used Johnnie Walker Black) 
handful fresh mint 
1 - 2 tsp of agave nectar (can use honey, simple syrup, sugar)
juice of 1/4 large lemon

Put all ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Adjust agave or other sweetener to taste. I don't like mine too sweet. Pour over ice and more fresh mint. Add club soda if desired. Makes 1 drink.

 This was almost as good as the versions I've had in bars- give it a try.

Another post soon- off to get cooking.

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