Saturday, June 18, 2011

pre-vacation celebration

Kicked the day off with my summer classic smoothie minus the frozen strawberries + an orange. I missed the strawbs more than expected! I also skipped the sunflower butter and stuck to granola + coconut. 

After breakfast I packed for vacation which we leave for in a few short hours! I also ran to the library because I finally got off of the wait list for Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma. I also downloaded Born to Run from the library, which I was also on the wait list for. I read about half on my Nook a month ago and LOVED it so far, but then my loan ran out so I had to wait list again. I already had three books out to read so Omnivore will have to stay home while I attempt to tackle the other four!

I made it to 11 am kickboxing.... wearing my Five Fingers of course! My feet felt great today, and my calves had a new soreness to them that felt good ( I love sore muscles when you know its from working out). It was a new sensation and I can definitely attribute it to my new shoes.  In class today we ended up running around the building and doing a few sets of sprints which I wasn't expecting. Will see how the feet fared with that tomorrow but during the activity they felt great. It was a totally new sensation when I was running but I like the barefoot feeling so far.  The only thing that I am worried about is that the bottom of my big toes are a little sore from rubbing against the bottom. Hoping that is just an adjustment thing.

New shoes aside, I have to say kickboxing today was the best one I've been to. She worked us HARD. Lots of running, endurance, planks, and jumping. The kicker was when we walked outside just before the end and did sets of tricep dips and push ups in the baking sun. BRUTAL but just what I needed before vacation!

Lunch was well deserved... a slice of whole wheat bread topped with TJ's red pepper and eggplant spread, 1 oz Havarti cheese, and a fried egg + egg white. Yellow peppers added some more veg to the plate. AMAZING. I really wanted to make another one, but knew I was headed to a BBQ shortly... unbelievably tempting though.

After finishing up packing and lunch I headed to my neighbor's house for a beer-b-q. It was started as a small reunion of neighborhood "kids" who aren't really kids anymore! A cheeseburger, some sangria OK more than some), and a few beers rounded out the day of catching up and hanging by the  pool.  A great way to start vacation a day early.

Just had a piece of whole wheat bread topped with more red pepper spread and Havarti... I couldn't help it I was thinking about my lunch all day.  I also made a snack bag for the car- Chobani pomegranate yogurt, organic blueberries ($1.99/ pint at WF yesterday!), organic strawberries, lemon-basil hummus (which I doctored up yesterday with EVOO and tastes so great now), organic cucumbers, organic carrots, and some Terra brand sweet potato  + beet chips. Its a big snack bag with plenty to share around the car.

Off to bed now- the plan is to leave by 5 AM! Yikes! I will post as I can over vacation which may be frequently or not at all. Depends if I can borrow a computer and whether I find the time. Enjoy the week!

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