Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Things have been a bit crazy the last few days! In an effort to recap, I'm going pictures only with as little text as possible :)

On Saturday I headed to Maryland with my Dad's side of the family for the Fair Hill horse races- a tradition for as long as I can remember. It was great to see everyone! 

Is this not the cutest picture ever??? No wonder he got so much attention!
(or maybe it's the fact that he's the youngest of five?)
the youngest and oldest of the 12 grandchildren- and the only girls!
the whole fam!
self explanatory seeing as we were at HORSE races
After the races I headed to the beach to reunite nursing-style with Bridget, Caroline, and Tierney. So much fun that I didn't even take many pictures AT ALL. I'm just not used to being the picture taker among friends since this is my first camera. Thus, some of these are courtesy of Caroline. No sunny beach pics because we were enjoying too much to even think of the camera! It was incredible weather for getting some sun, catching up, and dranks of course. 

Reunited!!! Miss these girls
classic shot of T and I being idiots
and these are my friends...
we went for a long boat ride- of course I didn't
remember to snap a pic until it was almost dark!
this is the view Tierney gets all summer... so jealous
Though I was really good and went to a 7:30 spin class on Saturday before the races (the earliest I've ever worked out!), Sunday and Monday were full of sun and drinks so they were well used days off! On Tuesday I had to make use of my last day at the gym, so spinning it was. I'll really miss spinning this summer but I won't miss the dark cave its in while the world is sunny!

Lunch for work had to come from whatever was around. I hit the freezer and came up with this:

apple-chardonnay sausage
with edamame, corn, red peppers, string beans, and mozzarella
Dinner was also a freezer special- a portion of Vegetable Bolognese from last week over the end of my organic baby spinach which was still super fresh even though it was getting up there in age. 

I'm about to head to CKP kickboxing- using a Groupon deal of 10 classes for $49.00 since my gym membership is now on indefinite hiatus. To fuel:

Frozen banana, mango, and pineapple blended with some OJ and plain yogurt
And some whole grain chicken nuggets... which are not that healthy and not quite in line with how I've been trying to eat- but I had then in the freezer and just craved them so nuggets it was.

Off to get back in the fitness groove- already started cooking for the week so more posts to come!

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