Friday, June 17, 2011

special purchase

Yesterday I wanted to write but ended up waking up at 5:40 (oops) which meant I had enough time to make a quick smoothie and then off to kickboxing. After that it was super fast dinner then out- so blogging wasn't in the mix. Works out fine though, because I am in vacation food mode which means my meals from today looked pretty similar to yesterday's meals anyway! 

I got home really late last night so 9:30 CKO wasn't in the cards... especially since I slept right through about five alarms until noon! Brunch was yet another smoothie. I'm pretty sure back in April I said I wasn't that into smoothies.... I'm not a liar, I just didn't know how good they would taste when summer rolled around! Unfortunately our blender broke... so I have been using the food processor which is fine but it tends to leave a few big chunks of frozen banana. Oh well! 

Smoothie in a bowl with the usual toppings of coconut, granola, and sunflower butter. I am missing my Hemp Plus granola since I have to get through this box from TJ's so I added some fla xseeds for more texture. Getting crazy now, I know.

Once I got my butt moving I went and invested in something for vacation... Vibram Five Fingers! I have been debating over these for months. But, after researching and stopping random people I see wearing them, I decided to give them a shot. I bought the KSO model, which is good for everything- running, walking, trekking, even water. I wanted the cuter pink ones but they were really only for running so I forced myself to be practical. Maybe if I like the barefoot thing I can get those next!

boy do i need a tan

I will write more about these funky shoes tomorrow, as I am tight on time. If you are curious about whether they are worth it, keep checking back. I will review as I wear. Seeing as I don't make a lick of money off of this blog there is no incentive for me to lie!

I had a Italian spin on a BLT for lunch- roasted red pepper + eggplant spread, basil, tomato, and prosciutto (which I fried in a dry pan) with a sprinkle of balsamic on whole wheat. So tasty...  but maybe not the best fuel for kickboxing.

 Despite the less than light lunch, I made it through kickboxing fine. Jackie does the Friday night class and she's awesome. By awesome I mean she is really tough. She doesn't schedule in any breaks, which really pushes me because the most I stop is for a sip of water.  We did a ton of squat-thrust-push up-jump repeats, which sound as tiring as they are.  Jackie actually wears Five Fingers so I knew it would be a good class to wear them to for my first time!

 Just ate a quick dinner (made by my DAD... this is a rare occasion). Four ravioli with spicy crab marinara...

and of course more of that vat of purple slaw I made earlier in the week!

I am late for a Red Mango fro yo date with Liz now... more tomorrow.

Outer Banks on Sunday! Yay!!

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  1. NICE KICKS, put some mileage on them.