Wednesday, June 15, 2011

snack attack

why is it that as soon as I have a good reason to eat super healthy (ahem.. beach vacation on Sunday!) I fall right off the band wagon? tragic. i have been picking at junk all week despite the healthy lunch i packed! and my stomach is feeling it too. self control please!

i even made a tasty, mildly indulgent, yet healthy meal this week to help curb the outside snacking...

sandwich of crusty whole wheat bread, TJ roasted red pepper and eggplant dip, fresh basil, tomato, parmesan, and proscuitto

with kale chips yesterday...

and purple slaw today...

there's no reason I should be snacking and tempted by junk when dinner is this good!

goal tonight: stick to the lunch box.

off to shift #3 of 3 and then... VACATION!!!!!!!

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