Monday, June 27, 2011

duck duck goose

Turns out I didn't even make an effort to find technology in order to blog while away at the Outerbanks in Duck, North Carolina. 

Had an awesome week of...

beach fronting,




wild horse watching,


wine-ing (and beer-ing)

ocean swimming, 

pool partying,



and... of course... eating.

Had a great week in the sun with everyone. Definitely ate well and plenty but that's what vacations are for! Made it out for two runs, four bike rides (3 eight milers, 1 twelve miler), and a jump rope training session with Haley by our "trainer" Zac. I tried to work on the transition to running after biking a few times. The first attempt was a joke- I was laughing because I was so shocked at how impossible it was- I made it ONE driveway but walked a bit just to keep the legs working. The next time I ran mile and probably could have gone further if the beach wasn't calling my name. Will continue to work on it!

Back to the real world (aka WORK) tonight. Already back in the cooking swing but will post on that later... 

Missing the beach and the people who made it fun already!

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  1. HOLLLA thanks for the shout out cuzz