Friday, June 3, 2011

million dollar baby

So of course my Dark and Stormy ended in a few $1 beers and a slice of pizza at all you can bowl last night. I could pretend I'm feeling really guilty but I'm not- I ate really healthy yesterday which is what makes those splurges feel like a splurge but not the end of the world. The biggest issue of my good time last night was more the fact that I had to take my brother somewhere at 6:30 this morning. % hours of sleep is brutal. 

Made another smoothie in a bowl while in my zombie-like stupor.Frozen banana + fresh strawberries + frozen mango + plain low fat yogurt + almond milk topped with coconut, Hemp Plus Granola, and TJ's sunflower butter. Revival from sleep deprivation- in progress.

I debated with myself about whether or not to head over to CKO, and in the end decided I needed someone to yell at me to work because I just would not run on my own. Now, I am in no way implying through my title that my new kickboxing habit is going to make me anything close to a professional boxer- but I do understand how hitting the bag is addicting! The workout you get from punching the 125 pound bag is fun, stress-relieving, and makes muscles you didn't even know you could be sore- sore! In between bunching and kicking the bag, we do intervals of squats, planks, sprints, jogs, lunges, abs, mountain climbers, etc. Each interval is only about 20 to 60 seconds which motivates me to go all out because I know I don't have to hold forever. The Groupon was SO worth it... and such a nice change from the gym.

Post-workout I was feeling strong and less sorry for myself but was still wiped out. I knew I wouldn't get anything done so it was a a snack...

... and a LONG nap before work. 4 hours today instead of the normal 2.

Much better. I had an overall unproductive day but it was just one of those days where sleep had to win. 

Now it's dinner-

baby spinach with blueberries, strawberries, and lemon-tahini dressing

BZT Sandwich
flourless wheat berry bread, bacon, grilled zucchini, tomatoes, goat cheese

and then off to work ALL WEEKEND. Sad :( Working 3 days a week as a nurse is great, except for that weekend requirement...

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