Friday, April 22, 2011

the grocery shop

Let me just say, hot yoga with Marion last night was FANTASTIC. A great workout but also unbelievably relaxing. Norah and I kept looking at each other when we were bowling and saying how relaxed we still  felt. Yay!

I got up this morning for 9:45 spin.... decided sleep was more valuable than getting up for te 8:30 class. IT was a1 egg + 1 egg white fried in a pan with cooking spray and a the end of the Breakfast Berry Baked Buckwheat with PB and shredded coconut on top. Spinning was great- I was still tired but so glad I went and got a good sweat. Then it was off to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to shop for the week with a snack of TJ Cinnamon Almonds and an apple to ward off too hunger impluse buying.

I have three rules for grocery shopping and they are all in an effort to allow myself to affordably while increasing my intake of healthful and organic foods. These rules are :
1) Plan out meals in advance.
2) Make a list (Be conscious of what ingredients are already bought so there is no doubling up or food waste)
3) Follow the list. Allow wiggle room with produce to adjust for best priced items.

The Loot

I broke two out of three today... oops! I went into grocery shopping with a mental inventory of what I wanted to make and of what I already had around, but a solid list is so much better. I ended up behaving well in Trader Joe's and even worked into two new foods to try: TJ's Valencia PB with Flax and Kefir pomegranate drinkable yogurt. Reviews to come!

I did well in the produce section at Whole Foods and bought wild caught dover sole for fish tacos tonight for $6.99/ pound. Only needed 1/2 a pound since its just my mom and I for dinner so it was quite a deal! All was lost, though, when I got to try about 10 samples throughout the store. Whole Foods why must you do this to me? I wanted to buy about 5 of the samples but settled on just one- Little Green's Schroom Burger. It was delicious but pricey at $5.99 for only two patties. One splurge isn't too bad though, right? Plus they are from Paramus, NJ and I like to promote anything NJ that may help reverse the Snooki image.  Mushroom burgers are a long shot, I know.

Lunch was more Lentils Puttanesca, but I actually wasn't sick of them. Just popped them in the microwave with the end of my tub of spinach and topped with parmesan cheese and a slice of baguette with EVOO. It was tasty and I didn't miss the pasta today, which is rarely the case. I love pasta.

Dinner is fish tacos with "Fried" Okra. Pictures and recipes later tonight. Off for a a busy afternoon!

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