Friday, April 15, 2011

even the best laid plans

Don't get me wrong, I love working nights as a nurse. I have awesome coworkers, its a nicer pace than daytime, and I am a night owl by nature. The downside to nights (and it's a major downside) is switching between being a "normal" person and a night shifter.  A lot of people stay on the night schedule, but I love the sunlight far too much, so I try to switch back on my days off.

That being said, this is how my Thursday was supposed  to go: Leave work at 8. Get groceries at TJ's and Whole Foods. Sleep by 11. Wake up at 4. Run in the sunny, beautiful weather. Yoga at 6:30. Make "fried" okra for dinner. Blog.  TV.  Bed by 11. 

And this is how it actually played out: Leave work at 8. Groceries at TJ's and Whole Foods. Sleep at 11:30.  Wake up at 4 with my body feeling like a ton of lead. Hit snooze. Get woken up by my 12 year old brother (Liam). Drive Liam to lax practice at 5:30.  Hot yoga at 6:30. Quick salad from what I already had lying around. Bar and beer with friends.  Blog. Bed (after this!). 

My plans changed a little, which was fine except that I was kicking myself for not waking up at my first alarm. After hot yoga, however, I eased off on the guilt and reminded myself to listen to my body. I had a fabulous teacher today (Marion) at Surya Yoga. Marion made the class challenging but also kept saying "Good for you!" in such a genuine way that I couldn't help but smile and feel really great. I left yoga feeling proud of the fact that I listened to my body and got some extra sleep rather than killing myself to get up and attempt a run that I can imagine would have been torture! I must say, acceptance feels much nicer than guilt. Will have to keep working on that. 

Dinner was fast and easy because I was super hungry post-yoga. I threw some TJ's breaded eggplant in the toaster over before I showered and added that to a salad of romaine, cucumbers, wheatberries, steamed broccoli, red pickled peppers, Romano cheese shavings, roasted sunflower seeds and Girard's light champagne dressing.  Had an Italian flair, and I even liked the broccoli  (which is normally a veggie I am not too excited about).  On the side I had a few Food Should Taste Good jalapeno chips and a handful of TJ's chocolate sunflower seeds for dessert. Seltzer water from my SodaStream to drink. Yum :)

After dinner I was going to just hang out at home but instead ended up meeting Kerrin and others for a couple beers. Cheap, college-style Coors light on tap. Not my favorite, but actually just what the week called for. If you can't enjoy a cheap beer, why be a twentysomething? 

Bedtime for now, so excited for a day of cleaning, cooking, and being active tomorrow! 

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