Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the buckwheat bake... a work in progress

This week, I made the Breakfast Berry Baked Buckwheat again, but with two tweaks. (Thank you Ashley of the blog Edible Perspective for such a great base recipe to play with!) First, I swapped the cinnamon for pumpkin pie spice. A good swap, but not strong enough in flavor. I am thinking next time I will double the pumpkin pie spice and maybe even add some canned pumpkin. Will let you know when that experiment happens!  I also swapped out the walnuts for almonds. Disappointing. The walnuts add a flavor and "warmth" to the bake. The almonds are just too flat for this dish. FYI: the batter in this recipe may seem liquidy, don't worry that's how it should be!

I've found that I usually only eat 1/2 a serving of the bake (1/8th of the recipe) and top it with PB and either coconut or agave syrup. This allows me to have an egg on the side- I can't seem to give up my eggs! Only problem with this strategy is that I essentially have 8 days worth of the bake. I think I will take a week or two off from the bake and only make half the recipe next time (and as muffins)!

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