Thursday, April 28, 2011

swim workout: numero #1

Headed to Whole Foods for a grocery shop. I have a busy weekend ahead so I had to shop today and buy things that are quick to make. On the menu for next week: Mediterranean Chicken Pita, Asian Marinated Tempeh (this is a new food for me I'm trying so it may turn into PB&J), and grilled eggplant & zucchini. I also bought kiwis, apples, cucumber, green pepper, jicama, Greek yogurt, and low fat cottage cheese (all organic). I had a coupon for Pacific Organic soups so I bought the Thai Sweet Potato and Creamy Tomato to try. Will review once eaten.

Groceries... without any impulse buys!

Snacked on a serving BBQ Popchips, kiwi, and six Sour Patch Kids when I got back. Not a heck of a lot of nutrition but tasty! Did leave me about as hungry as when I started snacking though :(

For dinner, I bought more Dover sole today (still on sale!) which I marinated with lemon, lime, garlic, EVOO, Kosher salt, and black pepper. Grilled the sole- this time in a grill pan since last week it was falling through the grill. On the side it was salad and organic short grain brown rice (from the bulk section at WF)... in the rice cooker. If you eat a lot of rice, this is a great investment. It cooks the rice perfectly.

I also used up rest of the broccoli slaw I bought last week. Mixed that with 1/4 cup Hellman's mayonaisse, scallions, flat leaf parsley, lemon, 1 tsp Dijon mayo, and pepper. All fresh items in this were organic... nice work my moi! Note: when you use mayo, I say use the real thing. (If I didn't say this I think I would be disowned from my family). It tastes SO much better that you don't need as much, and the amount you do use is worth it.

Finally, as promised, the swim workout from earlier...

Swim Workout #1

Warm Up: 200 M

2 x 50 M Freestyle at pace of choice
2 x 50 M One-sided Freestyle (Pull with left arm x 25 and with right x 25 during for each set) 

Core Workout: 1300 M

400 M ( 4 x 100 pull ) on the 2:15
300 M ( 4 x 75 freestyle ) on the 1:30
200 M  ( 4 x 50 kick on kickboard) on the 1:40
100 M ( 4 x 25 freestyle) on the :30 

2 x 50 M Backstroke on the 1:20 
2 x 50 M Sprint up, easy back on the 1:00 
2 x 50 M Backstroke on the 1:20

Warm Down: 300 M

4 x 50 M Freestyle w/ fins on the 1:00 
2 x 50 M Any stroke at pace of choice.

Total Distance: 1800 M 
My Total Time: 45 min 
(This will vary based on how much you rest in between sets; I did not rest much.)

When I say "2 x 50 M on the :30" I mean that you have 30 seconds to finish 50 meters (2 laps at my pool). If you finish in less than 30 seconds, rest until that 30 seconds is up and start the next 50. If you need more rest than allowed in the time slots, rest between the large sets (i.e. rest after you do the full 2 x 50).  Just rest enough to catch your breath, you want to keep up that heart rate!

If the time slots seem too fast then add on time and try to swim in that time consistently. You will be much less frustrated and be able to focus on your stroke if you just allow yourself to have more time, say :40 for a 50 M instead of :30. You should only feel like you are sprinting when the workout says sprints!

I never used to time myself like this until I went to a few Master's Swim workouts at my pool. It is a much more efficient way to swim because you get an idea of how to set your pace. You can also see how you progress and challenge yourself by playing with the time. Sets also help set small goals, which breaks up the monotony of swimming so many laps... 72 of them in this case!

I will have to add more sprints to my workouts as I continue. This workout totals over a mile so it may not be a great one to just jump into the pool and swim after a long swimming hiatus. Then again, that's what I did!

Questions about the workout? Just leave a comment and I'll answer!

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