Tuesday, April 19, 2011

creature of habit

Doing three shifts in a row at work, so nothing exciting on the cooking or fitness front. When I work days in a row, I literally get home, eat something quick, shower, and hop into bed from 10 am - 5pm. Then its dinner and out the door around 6pm. Tonight's dinner is that same as last night because it was so good!
Made a salad with organic baby spinach (can you tell I bought a HUGE box?) and topped it with: crumbled bleu, chopped tomato, chopped English cuke, roasted organic jewel yams (spicy from  a dusting of cayenne), roasted organic broccolini, 2 T wheatberries, and 1 T hummus. Dressing was 2 T of Girard' s light champagne dressing. Yum.

On the side I toasted 2 slice of TJ organic, sprouted flourless whole wheat berry bread with a thin spread of Tangy Feta Dip. FYI: "sprouted flourless whole wheat bread" sounds much more intimidating than it is. You will like it if you like any whole wheat bread. It is the TJ version of Ezekiel bread I think. The slice I hadhas 80 calories, 5 g protein, 15 g carbs, and 2 grams fiber per serving. Apparently there are dates and raisins in it but I don't see or taste any... maybe its just the sweetener? Anywho, the bread has a short ingredients list that I can pronounce, and its whole grain. More another day on why sprouted grains are so good for you too! 


And for dessert... a banana boat! I thought every kid ate "banana boats" growing up, but in college my roommates assured me they had never heard of it. Guess it was just a family thing. A banana boat is just a banana cut in half and topped with cinnamon (and agave or honey if you want it sweetened). Then you cut the banana into slices and leave it in the peel. The slices are the "boaters" if you will. Got me to eat my bananas growing up, and I still love it. Picture another day I am in a rush! Had this with a cup of coffee with lowfat milk from my Tassimo with 2 tsp organic turbinado sugar. Perfect energizer before work.

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