Wednesday, April 20, 2011

just give it a tri

Had a slice (1/4) of the Breakfast Berry Buckwheat Bake this morning and yesterday. It is very healthy tasting. By that I mean that it is not very sweet and definitely tastes whole grain! Overall its a good thing, but I have to find the perfect topping. I used PB-Yogurt Dip yesterday, but the dip is not sweet enough. Today it was Skippy Natural PB- perfect! Same as Monday but less stingy on the amounts. Much better.
Dinner was basically the salad from the last two nights in a wrap. 2T wheat berries, cuke, baby spinach, roasted sweet potatoes in a whole wheat wrap with a spread of Spicy Lemon Hummus and Tangy Feta Dip. Just enough variation not to get bored. Had that with a Fage 0% yogurt with Blueberyy Acai- my absolute favorite yogurt and a nice shot of protein.

Since its my third shift tonight, it means yesterday and today passed with no exercise. I am lucky enough to have a pretty active job, but I still miss the sweatiness of a good workout when I am in shift mode. If you haven't noticed by now, I have some serious exercise ADD. I like swimming, running, spinning, hot yoga, Pilates, group fitness classes, and strength training. I am also trying to get into road biking and would love to take Aerobarre and boxing classes- I will try pretty much anything.  Sometimes I wish I had the discipline to stick to one actviity and get really good at that but its just not me.

Whenever I start to get bored, I switch to something else. Usually my workouts are dominated by only a few types (right now its spinning, running, and hot yoga) and then I add in other workouts as boredom arises. I also think my body responds best to muscle confusion- but its not for everyone. I feel stronger, my clothes fit better, and I seem to get more endoprhins out of each workout when I keep my body guessing :)

This chaotic style of fitness is why I decided to recruit some friends and sign up for the  Danskin Women's Triathalon in Sandy Hook, NJ which takes place in September (there's still openings to sign up!). This should be the perfect event to channel multiple interests into. Obviously, I will have to swim, bike, and run to train. But, in addition, I have to add in strength training in order to perform well and hot yoga is great for strengthening and stretching out the overworked muscles. Bingo! And chaos becomes a plan. 

I haven't started training yet, its still too early. Right now, I am just trying to build the three pieces of the tri by swimming, spinning, and running. I tend to run three to four miles 2-4 times a week and spin twice a week. Swimming used to be twice a week until I got into spinning, so I need to add that back in. I've been attending the master's swim workouts at my pool. The workouts are great but its STILL not spring out and when the weather is hasty I just do not have the motivation to get into the pool. As for hot yoga, that has been twice a week for the last month and I hope to keep it up... it's an expensive habit though!

Once June hits I know I need to make some semblence of a training plan, so I should probably start looking around for a plan that fits well with schedule. Once I find one and/or make on I will be sure to post it. Please leave comments if you have any ideas.

Heading into the home stretch of what my work week!

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