Wednesday, April 27, 2011

some like it hot

First, a quick shout out to Susie for climbing up and down twenty flights of stairs at 3 am last night on our break! My calves are burning today but it was the best energizer. Didn't take long but we both came back with a smile on our red and slightly sweaty faces. It energized me all the way home!

It was 1/4 of the recent Breakfast Berry Baked Buckwheat with TJ's PB with flax, coconut flakes, and agave nectar for breakfast and off to get some Zs for a few hours. Has a pre-workout lunch of eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and Tangy Feta Dip served with pineapple, mango, and 3T TJ Cinnamon Almonds of the side.


After three work nights in a row, I hit the ground running, er, spinning. I headed to a 4:30 class with "various instructors." Scary. I have liked most of my spin instructors but had one guy the very first class I took at this gym and didn't go back to spinning for months because it was HORRIBLE! Techno music + meat head + self-help book rolled into a spin instructor.

Turns out the instructor was a personal trainer in his mid 60s who did an Ironman in 2009 (which makes him instantly cool). His class was very different from the others I take with women instructors. The one thing he did very well was short intervals, which kept us in our aerobic zone most of the time and pushed us anaerobically periodically. A great way to work on pacing and endurance. However, I wish there was more "I feel like I'm going to collapse" anaerobic stuff where your heart rate soars and your face gets sweaty and red! Crazy? Maybe but I love the feeling of accomplishment when you work to the edge of your anaerobic threshold (aka maximum heart rate). Yay endorphins!

The only other issue I had with the class is that Mr. Ironman talked the whole time. Personally, I like to get into the music, let my mind go, and sometimes sing along (only at a whisper though... no, I'm not THAT girl). He made this really hard to do this because he was talking about so many technical things elated to the workout. And he counted. A lot. Any time we did sprints Mr. Ironman ticked off each five seconds. Timekeeping destroys me mentally when I work out. Hence, why I like running outside without at a watch as opposed to on a treadmill.


It was off to yoga (with 20 min of strength in between to kill time). I have said it before... I like my yoga HOT. But, my Groupon is finished so I thought I'd try yoga at my gym. It was supposed to be a Vinyasa 1 class but there was a sub so it was more Hatha yoga instead.

I have to say, it was a great class for mindfulness, relaxation, and stretching. All three of which I need. I tried to focus on those and actually enjoyed because I knew my body was thanking me. Overall, however, I don't see this becoming a habit. Unlike hot yoga, traditional yoga practices do not feel athletic enough for me. (Yes, I know I am missing the relaxation part of yoga with this mindset). So, looks like I will try to get to hot yoga when I need it to encompass my workout as well, and go to yoga at my gym on days where I have time to work out AND go to yoga. There's just something about sweating out half your body mass that is super satisfying.

Any who... just got back from Panera with Mom, Pat, and Colin. Had the Asian Sesame Chicken Salad which is my favorite. Pretty healthy right? Well, I also ate my weight in bread. This is what happens when your family shares food and your brother gets soup in a bread bowl. Mmm sourdough.

Off for five days! Yay!

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