Thursday, May 5, 2011

atlanta: the eats

I am no restaurant critic. In fact, I am pretty easy to please when it comes to going out. However, the restaurants we went to in Atlanta were particularly good. Amen for a visiting a fellow foodie! Here's the low down... I know it's long so read what you like. I suggest checking out the menus of each for great recipe inspiration :)
  • Leon's Full Service (Decatur)
    • A great spot to kick off the weekend! Apparently this spot was once a gas station. The decor was what I'd call eco-trendy. Leon's describes itself as a "community-driven" restaurant. Not sure exactly what that means, but it seems like a locally-sourced restaurant. The prices for the drinks were a couple bucks cheaper than at home and the food was even more well priced, so we made it out with a great meal. And no, I didn't remember what I ate off the top of my head, all descriptions are straight from the menu online. 
    • To Drink:
      • Dark and Stormy $7
        • This is a  roommate classic. Traditionally made with ginger beer, lime, and dark rum, Dark and Stormys were our go-to drink senior year.Leon's version was made with house-made ginger beer. Barely sweet at all, which I actually enjoyed. Plus it meant I didn't suck down the whole thing in two minutes. Always appreciated. As per the waiter, Leon's cocktails all contain house-made ingredients and none are particularly sweet. Right up my alley!
      • Sazerac $9
        • I told the waiter I wanted an old man whiskey drink and this delivered! It was a sipping drink and loaded with a few types of liquor. Quite strong, "it'll put hair on your chest" as some would say. Let's hope not for my sake. Only wish it were iced- Margaret and I agree that all cocktails taste better chilled.
    • To Start: We got the frites as to prevent the drinks from going completely to our heads since we were all starved! These fries were delicious, as was the mayo, though I could have done without the mango catsup. Opted for good old Heinz instead.
      • pub frites w/ spicy mango catsup and smoked tomato mayo $6
    • To Eat: Margaret and I split the first three appetizers listed. I love sharing appetizers as my dinner because it means I can sample more things. Mmm. The salad was good, but pretty simple and basic; the Tabasco was undetectable in the dressing which was disappointing. As for the flatbread, the bread itself chewy with just enough char. The toppings were a bit of a twist on classic Greek, which was appreciated. My favorite dish, however, was the sausage. Both the sausage and the sauce were spicy and flavorful. The bok choy was cooked perfectly. I really want to recreate this dish but have no idea where to start!
      • baby mixed lettuces, laura chenel chèvre, pumpkin seeds, orange tabasco vinaigrette $8
      • grilled flatbread, sundried tomato pesto, smoked mozzarella, kalamata olive, grilled red onion $8
      • house-made, charred scallion and ginger chicken sausage, baby bok choy, green curry, fried shallot pickles $8

  • Farm Burger (Decatur)
    • A burger joint that pleased the foodie, eco-conscious, omnivore that I am. Farm Burger is an updated version of a classic burger joint. You order at the counter and your food is served to you. Seat yourself at communal benches or at counters along the bar and windows. Lots of light and outdoor spots as well!
    • All beef is grass-fed and special care is paid to buying local ingredients as much as possible. Yay! The menu is full of classic as well as unique ingredients, toppings, and sides. I think I will be peeking at the menu from time to time for inspiration.
    • To Eat: I am usually classic burger kinda girl, but I'd had my fill from the Chipotle-Olive burgers last week, so I opted instead for the veggie burger. Veggie burgers can be tasty or disastrous, but luckily mine was great I had the Veggie Quinoa Burger, fries, and Diet Coke for $8. A nice price! Topped it with grainy mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and house pickles. the burger was quite tasty, although a bit soft and thus fell apart some. I'm going to try to recreate it this weekend... will report back.

  • Antico (Atlanta)
    • True Neapolitan pizza. Check out the full story under "The Craft" on their website, but basically this pizza is one of few certified and endorsed as true Neapolitan-style pizza outside of Naples, Italy (another is Two Amy's in D.C.). The place is no-frills with group seating at large tables with benches. You eat in the same room as the pizza-makers and ovens, floured floor and all. The pizza is served on a large sheet pan. The three of is split the Margherita D.O.P. $18. Simple, but with the best quality ingredients. Too bad we didn't have any beer- it was BYOB. Highly recommended!

  • Murphy's (Atlanta)
    • Part bakery, part bar, part restaurant. This place served classic American fare with a Southern twist. we went for brunch, and the place was packed. (Yay for free valet parking!). The biscuits that greeted us on the table were sooo good... I guess that's what you get when a restaurant is also a bakery! I had the Portobello Frittata $10, which had portobellofritatta was really tasty, but I'd say overpriced for what it was. No sides came with it, unlike the other egg dishes. I guess when you use a fancy name for an open-face omelet you charge more for less food? Still a great breakfast, just overpriced for this NJ diner girl!

Sorry for the long-winded reviews! Clearly Farm Burger and Leon's were especially loved. If I were to have my own restaurant, I think it would be a blend of the two, so clearly I had lots of opinions. Up next from Atlanta... our Sunday night "family" dinner.

Went on a Whole Foods/Trader Joe's run this morning. Took some pics of the shop to post later, now its some Organic Valley low fat cottage cheese to hold me over. I do not want to go to bed its so nice out! Unfortunately, I know I need a quick nap if I want to get in a spin and swim workout tonight. It's been too many days without a great workout and I'm excited! Enjoy the sunshine while I enjoy my bed :)

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  1. Of course, I love all of your blog posts. However, the last two have been particularly enjoyable! I'm definitely going to try the veggie quinoa burger next time I'm at Farmburger. Lacing up my running shoes right now to counteract the loads of Mexican food I'm about to consume as per our Thursday night tradition!