Saturday, May 14, 2011

swim workout #2... and whiskey

I've been a little off my normal eating and workout routine here and there lately, so its time to crack down. Especially since vacation is only about a month away and bathing suit season is even closer! I had a more limited time to workout today than i would have liked, but I decided to just make the best of it. After running the last two days I figured it was time to take a break so I did a swim. I went by distances, not time this go around. Wasn't feeling focused enough to do the time keeping thing. Here's the workout:

Swim Workout #2

Warm Up: 

3 x 100 Freestyle 

Work Out: 

2 x 100 Freestyle drill: fists 
3 x 100 Race Pace Freestyle (not a sprint, but faster than usual)
2 x 100 Freestyle Drill (alternate right arm only and left arm only) 
2 x 100 Backstroke 
6 x 50 Sprint up, Easy back 
2 x 100 Kickboard 
2 x 100 Pull

Cool Down:

2 x 100 Freestyle w/ Fins 
1 x 100 Easy freestyle

Total Meters: 2200 
Total Time: 50 minutes (for me)

This kicked by butt. I really need to get in the pool more. That, and I need to strength train. I keep saying it but in the pool today I felt it a lot! Looks like tomorrow starts the strength training mission. For real this time. 

For now, I am off for drinks and such with friends. I have been really into whiskey in the last few months. Yes, I drink like a man. Tonight, I gave into that craving and attempted a nice little cocktail... I used whiskey, agave nectar, lime, and seltzer. I really wanted to use lemon and either mint or ginger. But you work with what you have...

The ingredients: yes, that is a jumbo bottle of Johnnie Walker Black.
The best part: its my mom's. Like mother, like daughter I guess.

Can you believe we don;'t have a shaker???
A mason jar worked perfectly and doubled as a glass.
Will use this again!

Served right in the shaker, with seltzer added after
 a good shake of the ice, whiskey, lime, and agave. 

 For dinner with the cocktail I had Pacific Food Thai Sweet Potato soup, served in my new Cali Bowls. I was hoping this would be similar to an amazing Thai-style soup with sweet potatoes I had in the Bahamas. Not even close :( Not recommended!

Now I have to shower super fast and look for something else to eat so that this whiskey doesn't get to me before I even go out...

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