Saturday, May 14, 2011

get on the boat

As if my dreamy description of running in Amagansett wasn't enough to prove why I love it to much, just check out the following article from the local paper, The East Hampton Star. The article is titled "Celebrating the Story Of Food" and it is about a group of Amagansett locals who are developing the Amagansett Food Institute. The developers hope that the Food Institute will include a cafe, farm stand, organic farm, and education center. The purpose of this communal farm and eatery is to provide all local people with fresh, local food made within the community. The farm they hope to incorporate is the local Amber Waves Farm (is that not the best farm name??).

It is not about the elite, but about creating a culture of healthy, delicious eating for all. The center hopes to bring together local "farmers, fishermen, vintners, cheese makers, beekeepers, bakers" and chefs. In short, they said, it will be "a Y for food."
Um, excuse me? Someone kidnapped my brain, organized the thoughts, and came up with the ultimate hobby/job for me. If this becomes what the starters intend it to be, I may be packing up and heading to Amagansett permanently! I am having trouble stringing words together this afternoon so I am not giving this as good an overview as it deserves, so please read the short article if I've sparked any interest.

While in the Hamptons, I went shopping at an outlet mall close by and picked up some great kitchen things. Most exciting purchase? Cloth napkins. I know, I am a weirdo, but I have been looking to start a collection of cloth napkins and place mats because they make food pictures so much better! Not only do they add visual interest, they also get rid of the glare that hard surfaces often give off. I also like the idea of using a cloth napkin daily at home to save on paper napkin waste. Check out the selection- 

Perfect as napkins or makeshift place mats for pictures!

I know I have been slacking on the food front, but tomorrow I have a big grocery shop planned, as well as a plan to exchange my dysfunctional new camera for a new one. Lots of fun things to come once I have a digital camera with me when I am not home!

I the meantime, here is the banana boat I have mentioned before but never pictured. A favorite childhood snack- updated with more toppings but just as fun to eat! YUMM


banana boat
(see the seats???)

banana boat w/ passengers
(crunchy flax PB, agave nectar, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut)

Happy Saturday!

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