Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday lazy sunday

Back to rainy weather for awhile it looks like. At least last night it was warm enough to open the window and listen to the rain... love that sound. Due to the rain and a late night I slept late and didn't get out of bed until noon. Haven't been lazy like that in so long! Worth it on a nasty day.

Brunch: Pom and seltzer, fried egg + egg white, orange slices, and
 greek yogurt w/ 2 T walnuts, agave, dried coconut

Last night I bought a new IPA to give a try. I am a big fan of microbrew IPAs, and although I really wanted to just get the 90 Minute Dogfishhead, I decided to be adventurous. Keeping with my Long Island love, this one from Blue Point Brewing Company in Patchogue, LI. The brew was called Hoptical Illusion.. and it was definitely a hoppy beer. Not bad, but not my favorite IPA I've had. Too much hop... it overwhelmed the other flavors. Would drink again but not purchase on my own.

Though I was being lazy all morning, I did manage to make it grocery shopping. Just Whole FOods today because I had a time crunch. I bought a lot of things and once I have my coupons in my total was $60.25. Only 25 cents over budget- and $8.00 of that was because Ciao Bella gelato was on sale so I bought two- Coconut Sorbet and Hazlenut Gelato. Can't wait to try them. ONly bummer was that this WF didn't have my favorite flavor- Blackberry Cabernet sorbet.   


- Veggies: frozen organic peas, eggplant, organic zucchini, organic mini sweet peppers, organic fennel, mint, prganic baby spinach, organic baby portobella mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, organic carrots, ginger, organic celery
- Fruit: lemons, organic granny smith apple, strawberries, 2 fair trade champagne mangoes
- Bulk (all organic): raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, whole wheat flour, white flour
Other: extra firm organic tofu (experiment?!), tomato paste, organic crushed tomatoes, organic Oikos greek yogurt, Ciao Bella gelato, and Stonyfield Farm low fat, plain, organic yogurt

After shopping, it was off to Colin's rugby game. He played almost the whole game. Which was good becasue my mom, Candice, and I didn't get there until halftime! I do not understand rugby at all- it's pretty much chaos and blood from what I saw. Two kids had to get stitches and that was totally normal to the team. Lovely. But fun to watch!

Then it was off to Satis Bistro in Jersey City. My brother Tim helped to open this restaurant and my family hasn't gone since it opened, so my mom, Candice, Tim, Liza, Colin, and I headed there for appetizers. YUM. Too bad I didn't have a camera...

We ate: 
  • bacon-wrapped dates with bleu cheese
  • fried zucchini blossoms 
  • sliced meats and cheeses with grilled bread 
  • beef short rib with chorizo and goat cheese mashed potatoes 
  • lamb sausage flatbread 
  • potato-leek soup 
  • cauliflower croquettes 
  • white bean gnocchi
  • Dessert! (Nutella tart, gelato sundaes)
It was the perfect place to go and share. Everything was great, but the appetizer portions were small so for most things it was just a bite of each. This is my favorite way to eat- share and try lots of things. It's fun to eat and great because you can all discuss the dishes. I want to recreate everything we had! To drink I had a ginger-lemon-cayenne "mocktail" soda. Would be great with whiskey, but Satis is BYOB. Next time. 

Just exchanged for a new camera that actually works! Many more pictures to come :)

Now... since I never got around to exercising I think I will do something on exercise TV even though it is 11 pm. Its my own fault I didn't get it done early and that's no excuse!

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